What preparations we use for our work?

Fenice was founded in 1973. It’s 45 years since Fenice manufactures and innovates the most effective skin care products.
Fenice is a partner of the most prestigious car and leather processors and operates in more than 50 countries. During its development, the company has become a proven and traditional company with unique skin knowledge – from the entire skin tanning cycle to the sale of finished products.
With continued growth, the company strengthens its market position, mainly through the development of new products that are used in tanneries and in the care, maintenance of upholstery and automobile skins. The company, as the first Italian company in the industry, won the prestigious quality certificate in 1994. In 2003 it confirmed its level increase and in 2010 it received another, new certificate.
Products Fenice designed for the cleaning, protection and repair of leather furniture are the same as those used in tannery for the production of leather for furniture and car interiors.
Fenice technology meets strict quality standards.
The Fenice Care System provides a quick and easy solution for the treatment and protection of your leather seats.
The Fenice Care system offers quality and can make your new leather seats again!

The Italian company Rupes was founded in 1947. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on innovation and quality. Rupes has become the industry leader in the manufacture of professional electric and pneumatic tools, accessories and exhaust systems.

The company also focuses on research and development. It focuses on designing and manufacturing products that comply with safety and health requirements. In recent years, Rupes has developed several patented innovations that have simplified and streamlined work with electrical and pneumatic tools.

Mayvinci is the unique glass protection of the next generation surfaces. Mayvinci products are applied only by certified and certified detailing centers that are professionally trained to ensure high quality and durability. Mayvinci offers a comprehensive range of body protection products with a lifetime from 18 to 60 months. Furthermore, products for the protection of alu wheels, exhaust tailpipes and motor vehicle parts.

Cartec offers a wide range of vehicle care products. You will find a variety of products for cleaning, maintenance and interior and exterior car details.
Cartec products are characterized by excellent results, high and deep shine and long protection. In addition, products are environmentally friendly and do not damage any parts of the car. The products are free of hydroxides, acids and EDTA.