Ceramic protection, polishing and paint renovation.Give your car the best care.

What is Detailing?

Detailing is a very thorough and gently cleaning of the varnish surface, its renovation, varnish correction, polishing and waxing. This is all aimed to achieve perfect cleanliness and polish.We are restoring a fresh look to older cars and thus increasing their market value.

We will ensure the owners of the new cars that their pride on four wheels remains as new as possible.

Removal of scratches, hairlifts, holograms, polish revival and abrasion retouching. We can remove all this and give your vehicle a new look again.

Glass ceramic protection MAYVINCI

Mayvinci is an exclusive ceramic glass paint that will literally deliver a glass shield to your car, motorcycle, boat, plane or lorry. The increased hardness value gives Mayvinci the paint with the highest ever measured hardness. The paint provides the treated surface with unique protection against extreme temperatures, UV radiation, graffiti, chemicals and even common user scratches. Moreover, the unique paint has a hydrophobic effect, which makes the surface repel water and give it a self-cleaning effect. In addition to these revolutionary features, the paint also adds an intense and pearly sheen that makes all surfaces treated with this unique paint permanently radiant.

Ceramic protection is currently most modern polish protection, with our entire team having received training to apply them, which is very demanding and professional.

Super water resistant (hydrophobic)

Protects against chemicals

Temperature resistance

Protection from UV rays


Protection against oxidation and corrosion

Polishing and renovation of the varnish

Our specialty is detailed polishing and renovation. This is the highest degree of improvement in the appearance of the varnish. Several polishing steps are used in the polishing process so that the resulting effect is as high as possible. The goal is to remove scratches, holograms and other flaws from the paint.

That’s why Detailing is here, the most advanced phase in care for your car or motorcycle. The name itself already speaks to the sensitive care of the car, when we focus on every detail. Many procedures and applications of different products are included in the details. The whole process is made up individually based on the customer’s needs, his ideas, about the outcome, as well as pricing options.
During the detailing, we focus on every detail of the vehicle, whether it is cleaning the interior or renovating the varnish with the subsequent use of ceramic coatings and waxes. We choose the working procedure and the used products to make the result as good as possible. We are always mindful of first-class work done, which is why we use the world’s best brands in care for your car. If you’re looking for a professional and best approach, you’re in the right place!

Given the above, a personal meeting is needed to discuss your ideas. We will present to you our plan, which is based on our experience and we will adapt it together according to your requirements, price or time.


Renovation of HEADLIGHTS

from 990 Kč(dle poškození světlometů)
  • Detailed cleaning of headlamps
  • Complete manual renovation of headlights
  • Note: Completely new and radiant appearance of both headlights, durability and translucency of headlights for up to 5 years, effective solution to the problem of headlights transparency on the STK


all cars 1790 Kč(two layers)
  • Protects from alkali, aggressive environmental influence and road salts
  • Easy removal of icing, ice and snow in winter. In the summer insect and dust
  • It can be applied to the front, side and rear windows

Paint renovation of aircraft, ships and yachts

Price is individual
  • Price is individual by varnish state, polish steps and applied protection of varnish

Glass-ceramic protection MAYVINCI:Click on the image for further information.

Application price: 6,000, – kč (one layer)


Application price: 10,000, – kč (one layer)


Application price: 15,000, – kč (one layer)


Application price: 20,000, – kč (one layer)

Utility vehicles, MPVs, SUVs, 4 × 4 + 20% of the service price
Large-scale cars + 30% of the service price
Other Your requirements can be done, after an agreement with staff.